Icon Design
Various Clients

Icon Design

Various Clients
Graphic Design, Vector Editing

Though it's not glamorous, icon design is a staple of any digital representation. Icons allow us to communicate an idea more quickly and effectively than with words alone. Have a look at the sample I've put together.

Financial Service Icons

This particular icon set was made for a financial service that uses AI. They offer a range of service and different packages. The icons are meant to represent various elements within the service and its website.

An important aspect of this icon set is the motifs such as the three 'sparks' within each logo. It reaffirms brand identity and distinguishes the company from others.

Animal Medicine Icons             

This icon set was my first try at designing icons. These icons represent the various services that a veterinary office might offer. The icons are simple with uniform color and line weight.

Startup Icons

These icons were custom made for Further Faster, a company where I work. This is by far the most complex of the icons I've created. It makes use of complex paths, balanced colors, and cell-shading. The end result is very descriptive of the brand and feels very high-fidelity.

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